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These are free Bergamo map & maps that you can use to get a better look at our beautiful city.

The Bergamo map will help you to find the best locations in no time.

Bergamo map città alta

Città Alta


Bergamo map bergamo centro

Bergamo Centro

Our town can offer you all this in half a day, but deciding among all its attractions can be complicated.

To make your visit easier we decided to create a path so that you can take in all the important places, from the Upper Town (Città Alta), or better yet from the heart: Piazza Vecchia (Old Square).

You’ll find yourself surrounded by historical buildings, towers and churches, being besieged by its historic charm: you decide whether or not to let the city win your heart.

Heading in the opposite direction, you find yourself coming out of the Venetian Wall and arriving in the villages of the lower town, where you can admire the numerous works at the Accademia Carrara and Gamec (Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art), arriving finally in the center of the modern city, with its shops and places to enjoy a bit of shopping or a happy hour.